Triton Security - ISO9001

Client Project Brief:

Triton Security Ltd is a Folkestone based business that offers a variety of Security/Security Personnel Services from mobile patrols to event security. Looking to expand, the client wanted to achieve the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation to introduce operational planning and delivery processes allowing them to monitor and manage these areas, to enable them to tender for larger, higher profile security contracts and have the prestige and kudos that the ISO:9001:2015 standard brings to businesses.

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

Scope of QBH Solutions Work:

QBH Solutions were employed as consultants to design and implement an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System reflecting how Triton work and building on existing processes. QBH also trained Triton’s staff to manage and maintain the system after certification.

This process, client centered approach evidenced that the client fully supported the ISO Quality Management standards and also helped to focus on areas that could be improved to further enhance their control framework as well as meet the ISO requirements.

Work with the team at Triton consisted of an initial kick off meeting, understanding the business and the procedures and processes that the team used followed by a series of meetings to collect and review existing documentation and improve procedures and processes in line with the ISO standard. QBH Solution’s approach is to look at the key strategic business areas first, to gain an understanding of the overall business processes, before then drilling into detail and specifics a little further down the line. This approach has served us well resulting in a 100% pass rate for certification across all standards.

Our approach to working with clients on accreditations is always to act as consultant advisor ensuring that the client takes the lead and assisting them in ensuring that new processes and procedures are embedded in the company. We never patronize and can always find a way to help simplify the process making to easily understandable and accessible

ISO 9001: 2015
Quality Management Systems

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The Client View:

It goes without saying that I shall be recommending QBH Solutions to all my business colleagues that need help with gaining accreditations, HR advice and pulling together policies and procedures for their business.

QBH Solutions held our hand and guided us through the minefield of jargon, helping us to understand what was being asked of us. Dave helped to allay our fears over what seemed initially to be a mountain of paperwork to be collated.

Dave supported us patiently throughout the entire process, encouraging us every step of the way and making us feel like we could accomplish anything. Which indeed we did – being awarded the accreditation on the day of our first audit with no non-conformities.

In short, we could never have achieved so much in such a short space of time had it not been for Dave’s patience and guidance. I really look forward to working with QBH Solutions again in the very near future on our next ISO Accreditation.

Mary-Ellen Rich Managing Director Triton Security

Triton Security Ltd