Like a lot of small and micro businesses, when we started, we started from a spare room or a spare table in our house to be more precise.

The Beginning

My plan was always to have a little office somewhere so I could “go to work”.  When the business started I was working form our little box room with an old desk donated by some friends, with an old laptop that I “borrowed” from my wife. In the early days it quite a lot of time was spent worrying about where clients were going to come from and how I was going to pay the bills each month.

Next Step

I was then lucky enough to get a hot desk at The Workshop on Tontine Street in Folkestone.  It was great experience and I got to share my workspace with other businesses; some new and others were more established.  It was great space and it helped to be around other people.

As we grew, and despite loving a shared office space, we needed something a bit bigger. That is when we moved to Basepoint in Folkstone. You started to feel that the company started to grow once we moved to these managed office facilities. Although it was still a shared space with other companies, it was a totally different experience compared with my box office desk or the shared office space in Tontine Street.  This was a great office and gave us a lot of space slightly further out from town but still nice and easy to get to and again lots of other businesses were around us.  There were also regular networking events and not to mention the excellent café that we used way too much!

With personal also comes business change

My family moved our house from Hawkinge to Dover and I took the opportunity to move the office this way as well.  I had always wanted an office that was in walking distance so I could ditch the car and get some fresh air. I was lucky enough to be able to rent an office from my account Evans & Evans.  It was great to be around Adrian and his team and to have the feel of a bigger office space.

And then, this time last year, an opportunity arose to take an office at a new venture in Dover – Co Tec.  At No 1 Cannon street the upstairs areas were converted into a flexible accommodation model for new and existing businesses and the ground floor and cellar were transformed into a brilliant wine bar and live music venue.  The office here is great and it is brilliant to be local to the centre of Dover and all the other local businesses, shops and cafes.

What about you?

So, how did you start out? What is your current set up, what would you like and where would you love to work?

One more thing…

Oh and don’t forget, apart from great office stories, we also offer great ISO support and guidance for businesses.