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Welcome to the Autumn Edition of the QBH Solutions Human Resources Update. It has been “relatively” quiet in the world of HR for small and micro businesses, there is an expectancy for what Brexit may bring along with a slow gear up following the summer holidays. We have put together our update with some interesting articles we think you might find interesting or useful to you and your businesses.

A 4 Day Working Week

There has been a lot of rumbling and talk about a 4-day working week in the last few months. It is often stated that in the UK we work way more than our European counterparts, with the TUC suggesting that over 3.3 million of us regularly work over 48 hours a week. For those of us running our own businesses we would probably wish we got to work 48-hour weeks but what about our teams and the people we rely so heavily on?

There is a strong argument for a healthier work life balance and a 4-day working week would certainly help this. There are arguments clearly linking longer hours to increased stress, depression, physical health problems, including stroke and heart disease and breakdowns in relationships. This makes a lot of sense but who pays for the reduced hours, do we still pay people 5 days for working 4 or should we expect to reduce the hours paid in line with the hours worked?

The answer, as yet, is unknown but this isn’t going away so do have a think about how it might impact on your business and even if you decide that a 4 day working week is not appropriate (like a lot of people will), it would be prudent to consider ways to help your teams manage the work life balance better.

It might be that you have shorter hours, flexible working, unlimited leave, better remote working options, maybe even shut down servers so employees cant check their emails! Which is one solution being trialed by a German company. There are lots of things businesses can do to get ahead of any changes that may be coming.

EU Settlement Toolkit

As we hurtle towards March the government has published a toolkit to help your EU staff apply for and understand the processes involved in settling in the UK. The briefing pack and settlement scheme toolkit gives employers of EU and non-UK citizens advice and information on applying for settled status. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of Brexit a lot of businesses employ non UK labor and without the right employment status for these staff some businesses may struggle.

HR Hot Topic

Performance Reviews

A performance review, job chat or 1 to 1, is probably the best method of ensuring that your employees are doing what you think they should be doing and to monitor performance to any particular projects or tasks that have been set. It will allow you to identify any changes to the job role that may need to be incorporated or updated within the job description, making sure that it is up to date or alternatively it may highlight any tasks or duties that an employee is doing that you don’t want them to do anymore.

A 1:1 provides an opportunity to highlight any concerns to an employee, be it performance, attitude or behavior as well as being an opportunity for the employee to highlight any issues or concerns that they may have. As a business owner or as a manager knowing about and addressing these issues at the earliest possible stage stops them from becoming serious business critical issues, with all the associated costs and time and stress they take to resolve, often when it is too late.

The following are a few tips that you may find useful when sitting down for your first 1:1;

  • Book the 1:1 in, let the employee know what it is for and give them ample time to prepare
  • Hold the 1:1 where interruptions can be kept to a minimum, preferably somewhere private
  • Always start with positive feedback
  • Ask the employee how they think they are doing, what they are good at and where they think they need to improve
  • Address or challenge any performance, conduct or behavior issues, giving the employee a chance to respond or explain (issues or concerns you deem serious should always follow your disciplinary procedures!)
  • Take notes and give a copy of the notes to the employee, recording any actions and timescales
  • If you say you are going to do something do it and keep your employee up to date on progress

Legistlation Watch

26th October 2018 – Definition of Worker Bill

A private members bill has been introduced to determine the definition and rights of a worker. The bill looks to ban zero-hour contracts unless agreed with the workers trade union, clarify the definition of worker considering recent case law from the supreme court. The bill will need the backing of the government to become law.

26th April 2019 – Pay Slip Changes

The Employment Rights Act 1996 changes in April requiring employers to:

  • include the total number of hours worked where the pay varies according to the hours worked, (variable hours or zero hours contracts).
  • Payslips must also be given to ‘workers’ as well as employees.

1st January 2019 – Executive Pay Gap Reporting

As of the 1st January 2019, regulations with the Companies Act 2006 will require UK listed companies who have more than 250 employees to report annually on the gap in pay between the Chief Executive and their average UK worker. It is likely to be rolled out further at some point in the future.

We hope you found this update useful and if you would like any more information on any of the issues in this HR Update or any areas of HR Management or HR Support contact us on:

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